Why Assured Language?

What differentiates Assured Language Solutions from other language providers, is our emphasis and commitment to delivering extremely high quality. This enables our customers to achieve the lowest total cost of their translations and a hastle-free experience.

We achieve and ensure highest quality translation deliverables by incorporating our Rigorous Structural Quality Assurance Process and our Audit Trail & Signoff Process in every translation deliverable of every translation project. These formal, documented, and thereby transparent quality control processes are unique and distinguish us from other language providers.

All Deliverables are subjected to a Rigorous Structural Quality Assurance Process which entails identifying and correcting structural errors and omissions before deliverables are released to customers.

Key overview points of the process are as follows:

  • All deliverables must clear Structural Quality Assurance
  • Structural errors and omissions are identified, corrected, and documented in-process
  • Linguists are native in their target languages
  • Linguists have a demonstrated successful track record of extremely high quality
  • Translations are reviewed under a microscope for every structural detail including that:
    • Every sentence is present and not omitted
    • Every punctuation is accurate
    • Every number is accurate
    • Every formatting, etc. is consistent with the source
  • Linguists comment and sign-off on their corrections
  • Quality Assurance Reviewers comment and sign-off on verification of the corrections
  • Clients comment and add further input as appropriate
  • Please note: Structural quality assurance does not include verifying accuracy in word choice of the translation (i.e., an actual mistake in the translation meaning). That service is a separate, optional and recommended service called Word Choice Proofreeding which is described below.

    We find that the vast majority of translation errors in the industry are structural rather than word choice.

    Audit Trail & Signoff

    All errors and omissions discovered and corrected during the Structural Quality Assurance Process are documented in a detailed Quality Assurance Management & Signoff Report which provides an audit trail of the quality review and signoff process by our linguists and reviewers.

    Word Choice Proofreading (Optional and Recommended)

    Another independent linguist verifies and corrects the accuracy of the word choices used in the translation (i.e., corrects any actual mistakes in the translation meaning).

    This is a recommended service for further ensuring quality.

    Additional Ways That We Ensure Quality And Thereby Lowest Total Cost:
    • Professionals Native in the Target Languages perform all translations. Our linguists span the globe and number in the thousands.
    • Understanding Your Business Requirements – by working to understand how clients' translation projects fit into the big picture, we further enhance quality.
    • Breadth of Services and Disciplines – one-stop, comprehensive, all languages and all disciplines.
    • Content Matter Expertise – linguists specialized in the industry and function of the content perform the translations.
    • Keep Our Promises – developing and maintaining our reputation of being dependable and reliable is a core value for us. When we say that we will do something, we do it.
    • One Stop Shop – we provide end-to-end services from requirements gathering through quality control.
    • All Languages – we support over 200 languages and manage consistency across languages.
    • Technology Savvy – we have strong technical capabilities in-house. This enables us to utilize innovative technologies to enhance our services and also to better understand technology-related translation projects including those in software localization.
    • On Time – clients have their own deadlines into which our deliverables fit. Delivering on time is essential to our building lasting relationships with our customers.
    • Competitive Pricing – our focus is on achieving the lowest total cost by doing the job right the first time.
    • Flexible – we recognize that each client is unique and adapt to your requirements.

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