Translation Glossary Management
Core messages and terminology within your source language remain consistent and managed when translated into target languages

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Solid, efficient management of translation glossaries is viewed by Assured Language Solutions as an important element of delivering quality translations to our customers.

Translation glossaries provide a medium for clients to identify specific terminology which they do not need translated or which they have specific requirements for how that content is to be viewed and read. This latter attribute is particularly valuable for engagements involving the translation of a large amount of content containing repetition of specific terminology such as that within large user manuals, engineering descriptives, court filings, and medical research records.

Project managers at Assured Language Solutions work with customers to develop custom translation glossaries to be used by the professional translators who work on the project. When a customer can provide existing corporate glossaries already used in the company for their source language, those glossaries are evaluated and used as starting points of the translation glossary to be used for translation into target languages. Additional key terminology from the source material that is to be translated are identified.

Translation memory technology is a valuable resource for identifying terminology and key words and phrases used within and across large source language documents. Project managers update the translation glossaries created for the customer with appropriate new content. Review with the customer of the translation glossaries can be performed to ensure that the terminology selection is optimal based on corporate standards. Our professional translators use the generated customer-specific translation glossaries as one of their resources that they use when they translate and proofread material for the customer.

The translation glossaries are important tools to be used in an ongoing, long-term relationship with the customer. They enable consistency and greater turn-around time of future projects with the customer. Over time as the customer-specific translation glossaries are expanded, project turnaround time becomes significantly faster providing for even greater rapid response for tight deadline jobs. Corporate messages, policies, and style are consistently maintained during current and future projects.

We understand that corporate terminology is confidential intellectual property and we take the steps necessary to keep it secure. Non-disclosure agreements with our customers include all of their intellectual property including the translation glossaries.

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