Specialist Translation Services
Ensure accuracy and quality by utilizing professional translators who specialize in your field

As in other professional services, the quality of translations improve when the professional translators are specialists in the content disciplines of the source materials that are to be translated. For example, for litigation-related content, use of translators with expertise in legal translations is ideal. The same is true for the content in other such disciplines. Examples of specialist areas include:

  • Medicine
  • Legal
  • Computing
  • Literary (e.g., novels)
  • Engineering and technology
  • Science

Translators specialized in specific disciplines provide a specialized service because they increase the quality of the translation due to their understanding of the respective discipline. Associated with this added value, technical translators charge a premium for their translation services. Thus, translation of general language and usually marketing language content is typically less expensive than translation of technical content.

Our specialists with expertise in translating content in technology and engineering disciplines deliver high quality, accurate translations of technical material of even the greatest complexity. We offer great flexibility to work with the various formats of your technical documents including user and administrator guides, technical manuals, engineering textbooks, proposals, contracts, technical specifications, system designs, design drawings including CAD, white papers, data sheets, scientific writings, journal articles, technical write-ups for business deals, technology-based communications, software content, online communications such as legal terms and conditions, web inquiry email processing, etc. More details here.

Entrust the translation of your financial reports, financial analyses, insurance policy and claim documents, and other finance, investment, banking, insurance and reporting materials to professional translators who are specialists in the financial sector. More details here.

Professional translators who specialize in the specific areas of law of your projects are assigned. Specialists cover a wide range of legal disciplines including litigation document support, contracts, internal corporate policies, regulations, and more. More details here.

The reachable customer base is increasingly becoming global across industries. It is not enough to simply translate marketing material and product and corporate announcements directly into another language. Messages should be consistent and tailored to the specific nuances of the target languages to ensure that the translated messaging most accurately delivers the context and meaning of the source language. More details here.

There are a wide range of disciplines within the public sector ranging from federal agencies, support for think-tanks and intelligence and supporting projects within state and local communities. Some projects further require security clearances and background checks that go beyond the standard non-disclosure legal protections. We assign the ideal linguists that best meet the needs of the government and public bodies. More details here.

Detailed software requirements planning, software technical manuals, actual language embedded within software, integrations of global IT operations, telecommunications infrastructure specifications, and extensive computing architecture all are best supported by linguist specialists with experience and familiarity within the computing, software engineering, telecommunications, and information sectors. A command of the vocabulary and processes of these sectors enable the specialists to deliver accuracy and quality. We ensure that the most skilled linguist engages in each project. More details here.

A source of linguist specialists that covers the full manufacturing cycle including the design of new products, supply chain, manufacture, distribution, inventory management, and quality control enable clients to optimize global production and distribution operations. More details here.

Medical and scientific nomenclature and vocabulary as well as conceptual understanding in the vast fields of these diciplines necessitate assigning specialist translators experienced and with a foundation of knowledge of the medical and scientific disciplines. Doing so is crucial for ensuring precision accuracy of your medical and scientific translations. We have the medical and science specialists upon whom you can rely. More details here.

The world market is becoming increasingly important for companies in the consumer product, business-to-business wholesale product, travel services, and entertainment industries. Providing goods and services on a global scale to purchasers of various national languages presents an opportunity to accelerate growth and profitability. High quality communication to each target language audience that encompasses their culture and customs is crucial to successful launch in each global market. More details here.

Utilize accurate translations of research and other academic materials written in foreign languages, publish to journals worldwide, produce textbooks in multiple languages, and extend the reach of your educational organization to students, workers, and other resources across global regions and in multiple languages. More details here.

Extend the reach of your book, novel, or other literary publication to readers in other global geographies in their native languages while maintaining the same style, flavor and high literary quality as with the original source manuscript. More details here.

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