Marketing & Public Relations Translation Services
The reachable customer base is increasingly becoming global across industries. It is not enough to simply translate marketing material and product and corporate announcements directly into another language. Messages should be consistent and tailored to the specific nuances of the target languages to ensure that the translated messaging most accurately delivers the context and meaning of the source language.

Assured Language Solutions is able to serve the full spectrum of your translation requirements whether your project is in the area of introducing new public relations worldwide, globalizing marketing materials, organizing international events or other.

We handle all linguistic services for the full range of marketing & public relations disciplines. Our services include:

  • Marketing Translation ServicesDrive business growth by extending your reach to new populations of prospective customers by leveraging our professional marketing translation services which deliver messaging optimized to the culture and nuances of each target audience. More details here.
  • Advertising Translation ServicesPromote your products and services to new international populations with messaging that takes into account not only accuracy in language but also the customs and culture of the target regions thereby achieving the intended outcome from each audience. More details here.
  • Public Relations Translation ServicesConvey news releases, communications to investors, and other public relations communications in each target language such that the communication is both accurate and conforms to the style and customs of the target audience. More details here.
  • Desktop Publishing & Graphic Translation ServicesSave time and gain highest quality by entrusting your desktop publishing and graphic translations to a team with both professional translation expertise as well as publishing excellence capabilities. More details here.
  • Event Assistance Translation ServicesDrive success at your international events by ensuring that all messaging and materials are accurate and convey precisely the atmosphere and involvement that you desire from participants. More details here.
  • Multilingual Brand Checking ServicesGain from an investigation and analysis of your corporate brand names, servicemarks, trademarks, and logos followed by ideal localization of those assets for each of your global target regions. More details here.

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