Legal Translation Services
Professional translators who specialize in the specific areas of law of your projects are assigned. Specialists cover a wide range of legal disciplines including litigation document support, contracts, internal corporate policies, regulations, and more.

Corporate, non-profit, and government industries in general are increasingly becoming global. This trend has been further fueled since the widespread ubiquity of the internet which began its exponential expansion in the latter half of the 1990s. With the business portfolio of clients shifting to greater degrees in international markets, law firms are increasingly involved in cases that span geographies, cultures, and languages. Successful translations in the legal industry involve, in addition to linguistic excellence, skills on multiple levels including knowledge of the target country's legal structure, procedures and standards, as well as command of the specific disciplines within the law for each project.

Assured Language Solutions will assign translation professionals who have the expertise and knowledge of the law for your project. More specifically, our experts provide excellence in the skills uniquely important to legal translations. These include:

  • Comparative Law – An understanding of the legal structures and procedures of both the source and target language regions; the ability to identify differences between those legal systems; and the skills to utilize that knowledge to ensure precision of the translations into each of the target languages.
  • Command of Particular Legal Terminology of the project – The translation professional will have familiarity with the specific legal terminology of the material in both the source and target languages.
  • Legal style of writing – The translation linguist will have the ability to understand the legal writing of the source material and the capability to produce quality writing in the particular writing style in which the legal material is to be written in the target language.

Below is a selection of some of the legal disciplines in which we provide translation services:

  • Contract Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Tax Law
  • International Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Property Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Environmental Law

Assured Language Solutions has the capability to provide comprehensive translation, interpretation, and other linguistic services for your specific areas of law. We provide content expertise, structured project management, and high quality deliverables at competitive rates.

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