Government and Public Sector Translation Services
There are a wide range of disciplines within the public sector ranging from federal agencies, support for think-tanks and intelligence and supporting projects within state and local communities. Some projects further require security clearances and background checks that go beyond the standard non-disclosure legal protections. We assign the ideal linguists that best meet the needs of the government and public bodies.

At Assured Language Solutions, we have the capability to handle all of your government and public sector translation, interpretation, and other linguistic service requirements. In addition to the precision of our translations, we bring further knowledge to the table on the specifics of those governments and other institutions in the target regions. Whether your project is for large scale federal government agencies or for benefiting local communities, we provide top quality professional language services at competitive rates.

We handle all linguistic services for the full range of the public sector, government agencies, and government organizations. Our services include:

  • Public Sector Translation ServicesEnhance and expand the reach of public sector services by supporting greater numbers of constituents with accurate messages in their native tongues. Broaden your base in the public sector in foreign markets with language that is tailored to their culture and styles. More details here.
  • Federal National Government Translation ServicesEnsure unified, consist, and widely available services to the national government and its people by providing and utilizing high quality translation, interpretation and other language services that bridge language gaps with constituents at home and parties abroad. More details here.
  • Local Community Translation ServicesEnsure that all residents of the community have equal access to resources available including healthcare, legal counsel, and education by utilizing our professional translation, interpretation and other language services. More details here.
  • Housing & Urban Development Translation ServicesCommunicate with individuals whose first language is other than the national language of the country to enable them equal access to housing programs, services, and activities. More details here.
  • Translation Memory For Government ServicesFurther enhance your agency's ability to rapidly and accurately sift through and identify globally sourced foreign language data of high relevance and value to your agency's monitoring and other project analysis objectives. Translate internal documents into target languages by gaining faster turn-around and higher consistency both within and across your federal, state, or local agency, and at lower project cost through our use of translation memory technology for government agencies. More details here.

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