Engineering & Technical Translation Services
Our specialists with expertise in translating content in technology and engineering disciplines deliver high quality, accurate translations of technical material of even the greatest complexity

Professional translation of engineering and technical documents, website pages, and other materials, necessitates the utmost precision, articulation, accuracy, and consistency. In fact, technology and engineering designs themselves are subjected to rigorous quality control methodologies utilizing various frameworks including Quality Management Frameworks (QMF), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), and Design For Six Sigma (DFSS).

Translations of engineering and technical documents must have the same high level of quality as the source materials including correct translation of all terminology and concepts. The same risks and liabilities that companies face in the source language generally also exist in the target language markets including cases where even a small deviation in meaning can have large impacts including those that result in physical injury or worse. Similarly, an inaccuracy in an equipment installation manual, for example, could result in critical devices being improperly assembled or calibrated.

At Assured Language Solutions, we understand the critical importance of accuracy and quality of the translations. We ensure that the professional translator(s) assigned to your project have the expertise and track record for translating in the industry and functionality of the content of your materials.

We make it a priority to accommodate a wide variety of file formats, document types, and tools so that we can translate any kind of material that you desire to expand into new languages. Examples of some of these materials include:

  • Engineering and technology patents
  • Engineering designs
  • Technical drawings
  • Technical plans
  • Technical and engineering specifications
  • User guides, installation manuals, and operations manuals
  • Engineering and technical reports
  • Quality management standards
  • Request for proposal (RFP) responses
  • Safety procedures
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Bill of materials
  • Technical and engineering catalogs
  • Computer aided design (CAD) drawings
  • Engineering and technical labels
  • E-learning training materials
  • Installation guides and manuals
  • Marketing and advertising write-ups for engineering and technical products and services

In addition to assigning professionals with content expertise, we work with customers to prepare translation glossaries that further pinpoint the right wording specific to the customers' own internal terminology standards. Translation memory is used to further ensure consistency within and across documents, optimize translation costs, and quicken delivery time. See our Translation Glossary and Translation Memory pages for further details.

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