Proofreading Services
Further quality control of your translation by having additional translator(s) verify the translated deliverables

Proofreading means having a second, fully qualified professional translator go through the translation checking it against the source text for accuracy, spelling and integrity. Per customer requirements, the professional translator who proofreads previously translated material can:

  • Perform edits utilizing software (e.g., Microsoft Word) that tracks the changes that are made
  • Edit the material directly resulting in a completed new version of the material
  • Make no edits; but provide an analysis report of the material with recommendations

Furthermore, for simplicity of discussions with customers, we categorize proofreading services as follows. However, we are flexible and eager to accommodate each customers specific needs and will tailor our services to the requirements of each customer.

  • Translation followed by a Proofread Service as described below – Professional translator(s) perform the translation followed by other professional translator(s) who proofread the translated works. In other words, we provide both the translation and proofreading services for the customer
  • General proofread of translation(s) – previously translated document(s) (whether translated by other Assured Language professional translators or which were supplied by the customer– i.e., that had been translated by other translation agencies or resources) are analyzed and edited by another of our professional translators
  • Premium proofread of translation(s) – each previously translated document is analyzed and edited by a professional translator. The original translation and the newly edited version by the first proofreader are then analyzed by a second professional translator who makes edits, recommendations, or other delivery per customer requirements. This approach provides the customer a very high confidence level for the accuracy and quality of the translation(s)

Note: A proofreader can generally process 5850 words per day; while translators can do 2500 words.

Once we have determined your requirements such as language pairs and how the material is to be used, we will recommend the best way to move forward to meet your time schedule.

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