Post Editing of Machine Translation
Add quality to the ouput of your machine-assisted translations by having professional translators review and edit the raw output generated by translation machine(s)

While the availability and accuracy of translation software, such as Google Translate, continuously improves, the quality of the output remains far below that produced by professional translators.

In some cases, the raw output and limited quality of machine-only translations can be good enough allowing for lowest possible translation costs and fastest turn-around time. A university researcher, for example, might only need to gain a general rough understanding of conclusions from an indirectly related but mildly informative study that was performed abroad. In such case, a machine-only translation may provide the ideal solution for him.

However, in other cases, the raw output from a machine-only translation may not be of acceptable quality. In such cases, a professional (human) translator is needed to review and edit the translation. Why then, one might ask, would a machine-based translation tool be used in the first place; why not just hire a professional translator to directly translate the material from the source language without using a machine-based translation tool at all? While doing so is often the best approach, there are projects where large volume of source language material and unique business requirements present the opportunity to gain from the combination of machine-based translation technology and professional human translators. Doing so provides for reaping cost savings through economies of scale via the machine translation tools followed by editing the output to quality by the professional translators. High quality, fast turn-around, and lower project costs can be achieved.

Consider, for example, a multinational corporation which sells and services high-end business equipment all over the world and does so by maintaining a large number of local offices with sales and service professionals in each target country. Sales and service reports are written in the local language. However, corporate headquarters is located in the United States and analysis and other requirements necessitate that all reports be translated to the company's official language, English, in as close to real time as possible and with high quality. The company may, for example, need to perform data mining on the reports. Given the volume of content, utilizing machine-based technology for the initial translation of the field reports would provide cost and turn-around time advantages. The company could then focus professional human translation time and investment on the review and editing of the output from the translation tools thereby gaining both the cost and time advantages as well as achieving high quality.

Assured Language Solutions can assist customers with performing the entire machine translation and post-editing operations or either one separately. We integrate our tasks with those of the customer thereby maximizing the flexibility end efficiency of the operation. We offer the following services:

  • Post-Editing of Machine Translations – A professional translator reviews and edits material that had been previously translated by a machine-based translation tool. The client provides the output from the machine-based translation.

    This service is similar to our proofreading service with the difference being that the quality of the source material output by a machine translation tool that is to be reviewed is expected to be lower than if it had been initially translated from a professional translator. Thus, reviewing and editing the output of a machine-based translation is expected to require more time by the professional editor than if she were proofreading a translation performed by another professional translator.

    Note: A professional translator performing post-editing of material translated by a machine can generally work on 4,000 words per day.

  • Machine Translation Followed By Post-Editing Services – Rather than have a human translator perform the entire translation from the source language herself, the source language material is first run through a sophisticated machine-based translation tool. A professional translator then reviews and edits the translated output for accuracy, language flow, consistency and quality. The result is a:
    1. High quality translation ensured by a professional translator
    2. At competitive cost (lower than that of having a professional translator perform the translation completely manually)
    3. With rapid turn-around (faster than if having a professional translate 100% without the aid of the machine translator)
  • Machine Translation – We process your documents and other source language content through leading translation engine technology. This service provides the rapid translation of large quantities of source language content at the most reasonable cost. It should be used for projects where:
    1. Gaining a general understanding of the source material is sufficient
    2. Optimizing for lowest cost and fastest turn-around is the priority
    3. Marginal quality of translation is acceptable

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