Machine Translation Services
Save costs and gain from rapid turn-around by leveraging machine-based translation services

Machine translation services provides a lowest cost means to gain a general review of foreign content. Additionally, utilizing machine-based translation technology for initial translation followed by post-editing of machine translation services enables comparatively lower cost translations with human-ensured quality control. Additionally, incorporating machine translation in the translation process can substantially enhance speed of translation turnaround. This can be a very effective means for reviewing case system entries by field personnel, content scanned and run through OCR tools, and other electronic data. Assured Language is able to process large volumes of foreign electronic data by utilizing state-of-the-art machine language translation tools.

We offer the following:

  • Machine Translation Followed By Post-Editing Services – Rather than have a human translator perform the entire translation from the source language herself, the source language material is first run through a sophisticated machine-based translation tool. A professional translator then reviews and edits the translated output for accuracy, language flow, consistency and quality. The result is a:
    1. High quality translation ensured by a professional translator
    2. At competitive cost (lower than that of having a professional translator perform the translation completely manually)
    3. With rapid turn-around (faster than if having a professional translate 100% without the aid of the machine translator)
  • Machine Translation – We process your documents and other source language content through leading translation engine technology. This service provides the rapid translation of large quantities of source language content at the most reasonable cost. It should be used for projects where:
    1. Gaining a general understanding of the source material is sufficient
    2. Optimizing for lowest cost and fastest turn-around is the priority
    3. Marginal quality of translation is acceptable
  • Post-Editing of Machine TranslationsA professional translator reviews and edits material that had been previously translated by a machine-based translation tool. The client provides the output from the machine-based translation.

    This service is similar to our proofreading service with the difference being that the quality of the source material output by a machine translation tool that is to be reviewed is expected to be lower than if it had been initially translated from a professional translator. Thus, reviewing and editing the output of a machine-based translation is expected to require more time by the professional editor than if she were proofreading a translation performed by another professional translator.

    Note: A professional translator performing post-editing of material translated by a machine can generally work on 4,000 words per day.

    More details here.

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