Ensuring Quality
The meaning of "quality" to us

At Assured Language Solutions, we understand the critical importance of quality to customers and we take measures to ensure that our deliverables meet or exceed clients' expectations.

To ensure quality, Assured Language assigns professional linguists who specialize in the subject area of the translation or interpretation. For translation projects supporting the extension of languages within software including software translation and localization, as well those for expanding the languages of websites, we utilize professionals with expertise in performing these technology-based translations.

Utilizing a network of thousands of professional translators located around the globe, Assured Language is able to assign the right professional for your project requirements. Our breath enables us to deliver on all of your translation and interpretation objectives. We view each project as a partnership opportunity enabling you to focus on your core business and entrust us with achieving your translation, interpretation and other language-based goals.

Our ability to deliver quality is fostered by our emphasis on working with the highest skills, trustworthy, and flexible professional linguists. Criteria governing our assignments of professional translators, interpreters and other linguists to projects include:

  • Projects are managed by project managers who actively direct the projects to completion
    • The project managers are essentially the CEO of the projects that they manage
    • The professional translators and interpreters are assigned by the project managers
    • The professional translators must deliver to deadlines earlier than client deadlines
    • Quality checks are performed by the project management and quality assurance team; and where necessary, quality improvements are made (e.g., re-assignments, sending back to translator, etc.)
  • Emphasis on translations into the linguist's native language
  • Clear understanding of the areas and depth of content expertise (e.g., financial sector, medical, etc.) of specialist translators and interpreters
  • Utilizing of professionals with appropriate work experience pertaining to the source material
  • Assignments based on rigorous evaluation of professionals' past work
  • Continuous assessments and documentation of the performance of professional linguists on their current projects
  • Assigning of additional resources to re-check, proofread, and/or re-translate if a deliverable is not high quality
Quality Assurance of Technology-Based (Software Development Support, Software Localization, Website Localization, etc.) Projects

In addition to the quality control practices mentioned above that we perform for all of our translation and linguistic projects, we supplement further quality assurance practices for those projects that are technical in nature. These include projects consisting of the expansion of software products into new language support (software localization), globalizing websites (website localization), and other such language support for technology products and systems. Additional quality assurance steps that are performed include:

  • Proofreading all translations
  • Quality assurance testing of portions of software that we localized
  • Creation of bug and issue reports
  • Review meeting(s) with customer

As with other types of linguist engagements, we view our role as a key strategic partner and virtual extension of our technology customers' own technology development team. As such, we recognize the importance of proactive communications and that software development is often optimal when performed as a team effort with flexible synchronized development efforts rather than parties just producing deliverables at the end of the process. During the engagement, project managers at Assured Language synchronize with team members at the customer whom the customer designates as our contacts (e.g., project management, product management, QA, documentation, engineering, and sometimes marketing). This enables us to ensure the quality of our contribution both in accuracy of translation as well as optimized technical deliver (e.g., file formats, testing parameters, QA documentation, etc.).


Quality is paramount to our business. We ensure quality in all of our projects by utilizing proactive and responsible project managers, top-tier professional translators and interpreters, and a systematic approach to our work tasks and quality control. If a work product is found to be below our high quality standards, we aggressively re-work the deliverable to quality. For technology-specific engagements including software localization and website localization, we include additional quality control steps including quality assurance testing of our deliverables. As with all of our engagements, we consider and operate as a partnered extension of our customers' development teams.

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